Diversions on the Taff Trail…

We had hoped to not start this new site on a downer, but we’re in for a few months of diversions on the Taff Trail.

The reason for the diversion is actually quite a good one –they’re going to start generating electricity up at Radyr Weir by installing an Archimedes Screw. When it is completed it should generate enough power for 550 homes and bring in around £140,000 each year to the cash-strapped Council.

Construction work on the project is scheduled be complete by the end of March 2016. During that time a short, clearly marked diversion via Longwood Drive will be in place on the Taff Trail to enable the safe completion of the scheme. via Cardiff Newsroom

Unfortunately, this does mean we self-powered commuters will need to take one for the team and change our routes home slightly. To complicate matters, the awkward location means that there are few routes from where the path is closed that we’d consider an improvement. You can either cross the bridge at Radyr station and follow Heol Isaf through Radyr and Morganstown; you can follow the suggested diversion by taking a right at the allotments and onto Longwood Drive; or you can follow the Glamorganshire Canal to the other end of Longwood Drive. However, we wouldn’t recommend this for two reasons –it’s a very narrow path and, most importantly, it’s a nature reserve.

Taff Trail

If you are commuting, might I we suggest staying on Forest Farm road. Instead of heading straight on (the blue line) when the road veers off to the right, stay on the tarmac road until it reaches the bridge over the Melingriffith Feeder. The surface will be better and whilst it doesn’t avoid the Longwood Drive issue, it should at least save your tires.

As for Longwood Drive, it’s not so bad. You’ll have experienced worse roads on the way up from Cardiff. It’s a road that doesn’t go anywhere and it is mostly used as a glorified lay-by for sleeping HGV drivers and by learner drivers to practice their manoeuvres. The suggested diversion will take a left after the temporary traffic lights, but you can go straight on from here and rejoin the trail at a gate near the old Amersham International entrance.

It’s not an ideal situation, but it is temporary and there will be some more clean energy at the end of it.


Good news everyone, Twitter user @beicwrtaff reports that a new diversion is in place…

Update 2

If you are curious about how the project is progressing, here’s some excellent drone footage from behind the metal hoardings…

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