Council Planning Scan for August 2015

If you live in Pentwyn or Ely, you may be interested to note that there’s some work being planned to make your ride that little bit safer.


A number of changes are planned on Pentwyn Drive, Bryn Celyn Road and outside Bryn Celyn school with the aim of bringing down traffic speeds. It found the 85th percentile speed on Bryn Celyn Road is 37mph, 7mph above the limit. Given that there is a number of primary schools in this area, I’m surprised they waited this long.

This area-based scheme includes the following elements:

  • Signage and road markings on approaches to schools to raise driver awareness
  • Upgrading an existing priority narrowing to a tabled Zebra Crossing on Pentwyn Drive
  • Providing new footway links, dropped kerbs and parking restrictions on Bryn Heulog
  • Footway and pedestrian access improvements to Bryn Celyn Primary School and Ysgol Pen y Groes
  • Upgrading lighting in the subway approaching St David’s Primary School
  • Installing a tabled Zebra Crossing on Bryn Celyn Road and reducing speeds through the provision of speed tables on the approach to St David’s Primary School
  • Providing cycle storage for St David’s Primary and St Bernadette’s Primary.

Check out Safe Routes In Communities – Pentwyn 2015/16 for more information. This consultation closes on the 28th August.

Ely Bridge

This is perhaps old news now, but this website didn’t exist when it came to light. The council is planning to build a new bridge for walkers and cyclists between Cowbridge Road East and Riverside Terrace. It’ll form part of Enfys Route 6 and provide a safer alternative to the current busy-as-heck roundabout joining the A48 and Cowbridge Road.

Cowbridge Road Bridge

This will hopefully improve links between Ely and the centre of Cardiff, which is no bad thing. The consultation closes on the 25th August.

Closed Consultations

Aside from a handful of small changes around Splott; Fidlas Road in Llanishen; North Road; Llandaff North and Pentyrch, perhaps the most interesting recent scheme is to install a bus lane and a number of pedestrian crossings on Manor Way between Whitchurch High and Birchgrove. Given the scarcity of buses on that stretch, we could consider that a few extra yards of double-wide cycle lane…;). This scheme is going ahead, subject to funding.

If you’d like to look at the other closed consultations, head over here

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  1. The planned Ely river bridge does not “avoid” the busy Ely roundabout. The Council wants cyclists to use the pavement(s), even though this is supposed to meet the standards of a primary commuting route. Thye said they’d widen the bare 2-metre pavement by taking a little roadspace – but dropped that idea, as it would still be substandard on Active Travel criteria. Instead they spent on the silly Toucan crossing with boxes and posts obstructing the narrow pavement, in a place where people don’t use it (long wait for the lights to change). See Cardiff-Cycling-Campaign-397131617079398 on facebook, 15th May


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