The Bassaleg Loop

Here’s a short, sharp ride for anyone looking for an hour out after dinner. It starts on Newport Road, takes you down to Duffryn in Newport before bringing you back over the hill from Bassaleg to St Mellons and back down Newport Road.

The easy bit…

This is a 20 mile ride of two halves. The first bit is the easy bit. The coast road through Wentloog on a sunny day is a beautiful thing. It’s incredibly flat, the surface is quite good and it provides an opportunity to find a rhythm you can stick to. There are no traffic lights and once you are through the initial set of roundabouts at the start, it’s non-stop all the way to Duffryn.

The harder bit…

The route below includes the roundabout at the end of this long road, but only because it exists as a Strava segment and you may or may not want to “hit that”. However, the way back to junction 26 of the M4 is probably better handled by taking Duffryn Way and Pencarn Way. You are welcome to go the direct route if you prefer, but it’s a very busy road and Pencarn Way brings you out on the right side of the roundabout.

Head under the M4 and up the A467 to Basseleg. Take the A468 off the roundabout and left onto Caerphilly Road. Take another left after the school and settle in for a steep 400ft climb followed by a couple of equally steep descents on the other side.


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