Parking your bike at Capital Retail Park, Leckwith

Capital Retail Park is perhaps our newest out-of-town retail development and currently consists of a large Asda; a Costco; M&S; Smyths Toy Store; Next; SCS, plus the obligatory Subway; Greggs; Maplins and a Costa.

The park sits on Enfys Route 50, which is a route that consists of shared paths either side of the carriageway. Roadies will no doubt use the road, but those on the paths should beware those on bikes travelling against the flow of traffic!

As for parking, Capital Retail Park is actually quite well provisioned. There’s a bank of spaces next to the road at the entrance to the car park (pictured above); a large bank of racks beside Costa and at the other side of that pod near the betting shop. Sadly, those are not pictured due to time constraints. I’ll go back there soon and finish it off.

Capital Retail Park

There’s also a load of spaces at Costco and each retail unit appears to have around four racks each, but you may or may not find trolleys parked in these. I didn’t include them on the map for that reason.

The racks themselves are pretty decent –not the useless hair-pin type racks you’ll find in Cardiff Bay and at the Millennium Stadium.

Plug Time

Don’t forget, we still want to fill in the blanks we have, so if you see a bike rack around Cardiff, it would be great if you could grab a photo and add it to the pool here.

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  1. The carpark itself isn’t particularly bike or pedestrian friendly to traverse, but there are many more banks of cycle racks – a row of around 20 in front of ASDA and a pair or two outside every other store along the strip fair do’s. Lidl nearby on the hand have a measly two racks which are often full.


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