Proposed changes to Planning Policy regarding Retail Centre Development

You may wonder what something like this is doing on a cycling website. Well, put simply, this is all about destinations and the Active Travel Act. Many of our retail parks were established with little regard to visitors who may not have a car.

This appears to be about to change, if a new Welsh Government consultation is anything to go by…

The aim of the review is to update PPW Chapter 10 and TAN4 so that it is in line with a Welsh Government objective to enhance the vitality, attractiveness and viability of established centres.

Source: Welsh Government | Proposed changes to Planning Policy Wales Chapter 10 and Technical Advice Note 4: Retail Centre Development

Good to see Active Travel woven into this. Objective 10.1.1 is to:

Improve access to, and within, retail centres by all modes of transport, especially walking, cycling and public transport.

and also…

10.2.5 Good access to, and movement within, retail centres is essential. Development plan policies and development proposals should encourage the provision of good access and safe environments to and within retail centres for walkers and cyclists, including the promotion of routes identified under the provisions of the Active Travel (Wales) Act (see Chapter 8), and for public transport, allowing for bus priority measures and public transport facilities.

It would mean that Cardiff Council has some serious work to do on Culverhouse Cross! Getting to and from there on a bike is horrific. That being said, Culver roundabout in a car is no picnic either.

Capital Retail Park, to its credit, is actually very good, but it is a more recent development.

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