CleanSpace, an app and a movement…

If the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment and your fitness isn’t quite enough, perhaps some fiduciary benefit will interest you?

No, I’m not going to pay you to get on your bike, but CleanSpace might.

CleanSpace is here!

Source: Home – CleanSpace

CleanSpace is an app for iOS and Android that tracks your journeys and awards you with “clean miles” based on your mode of transport. It was developed by Drayson Technologies, founded by former Labour cabinet minister and entrepreneur Lord (Paul) Drayson.

Your Clean Miles add up over time and unlock rewards from their partners, whom currently include Halfords; Abel & Cole; Maxi Nutrition; Readly; Rain-wave and Paug (Pay as you Gym).

They have also partnered with a few charities, namely Sustrans, Earthwatch Institute and the British Lung Foundation.

It is perhaps worth pointing out, but journeys on foot also count…


Forty clean miles, for example, will earn you a two month subscription to the iNews newspaper app. Seventy-five of them will get you two months of Tastecard membership. There are of course others and more will come on stream as and when deals are made.

Pollution Monitoring

Aside from tracking your journeys, they’ll also be selling pollution monitors in the near future, allowing you to get a real-time view of how much pollution you have exposed yourself to. Currently, without sensors the “my air” part of the app doesn’t do a lot, but if there are enough of these sensors out in the community, it may prove quite useful.


A crowdfunding campaign has commenced for the pollution sensors. The Cleanspace Tag sounds like a funky piece of kit, using Freevolt technology to charge itself by harvesting energy from WiFi and mobile data signals.

But that’s only half of it. The really amazing thing about the Tag is that it is recharged wirelessly by harvesting energy from 2G and WiFi signals. It is the first commercial product with our Freevolt technology, which can harvest energy from 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi signals.

Source: CleanSpace, a Community in United Kingdom on Crowdfunder
It’s £55 to get a tag, but that includes the opportunity to nominate three partner charities for a £5 donation. We’ve included a widget for the campaign in the sidebar on the right…

Current issues

One issue that I’ve experienced in the week I’ve been using it is that it doesn’t always profile your journey correctly. If, like me you partake in what is known as “vehicular cycling” and are capable of getting around at near the speed of the other traffic, it’ll mistake you for being in a car.

The odd thing is, this can happen in the middle of a ride, as if you stopped cycling halfway down a road, jumped in a car for a few hundred yards and then jumped back on the bike. That being said, the developers have been very communicative with me on twitter and are looking into the issue.

If you do decide to sign up, I would appreciate it if you could use the code 3LT7QE and perhaps earn me an Amazon voucher! Thanks.

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