Council Planning Scan for September 2015

Here’s our monthly trawl through the council’s transport projects and traffic regulation orders to see if there is anything that may make our lives easier.

Enfys Route 6

Route 6 is flavour of the month this month with two notable transport projects on the books. First up, the consultation on the new bridge over the river Ely between Cowbridge Road East and Riverside Terrace has concluded and the post-consultation report has been published. The report mainly focusses on responding to Cardiff Cycle Campaign’s comments, but perhaps the most interesting part of it is that it details the Western Active Travel Scheme. No, this has nothing to do with donning a pair of chaps and riding horses into town…yeehaw.

The Western Active Travel Scheme is a two year project, funded by the Welsh Government and will incorporate a number of projects including:

  • a new toucan crossing on Cowbridge Road East,
  • upgrading of the existing junction of Cowbridge Road West with Mill Road to a toucan crossing,
  • improvements to the Cowbridge Road West / Vincent Road junction,
  • waymarking of Route 6
  • package of local footway improvements identified in the Walkable Neighbourhoods Plan.

Sounds interesting. The toucan crossing that heads the list above is the other route 6 project up for consultation until 15th September (today). You can read about that here.

School lane, Gwaelod-y-Garth

Heading north to Gwaelod-y-Garth, there’s a proposal to upgrade School Lane, currently a dirt & gravel track leading from the rear of the garages on Heol Berry and eventually joining up with a path leading to the village. It is currently prone to becoming waterlogged, but Main Road currently lacks a pavement so School Lane is used by pedestrians & nervous cyclists instead. You can read about the School Lane Improvement plan here.

Traffic Regulation Orders

There’s not too much of interest here, but the stretch of Llantrisant Road you’ll end up on if you head to Pentyrch from St Fagans (something I do quite often) is to become a 40mph zone. Consultation on that one ends on the 17th September 2015.

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