Cardiff Local Transport Plan 2015-2020

If you find yourself at a loose end for a few hours, you might like to read Cardiff Council’s Local Transport Plan for 2015-2020.

The proposed programme outlined in the LTP includes walking and cycling infrastructure, bus network and junction improvements, 20mph limits and road safety schemes. –via

It essentially provides a comprehensive list of projects that will bolster the current Enfys network we have now.

Taken in isolation, there’s not a lot of cycle-specific projects in the plan to get excited about. It’s mostly tinkering with existing routes, improving signage and a bit of extra paint on the roads. However, lets not forget that bus lanes and indeed, any improvement to the public transport network will make our lives on bicycles a lot easier. Just so long as it results in an actual modal shift in transport choices.

Anecdotally, the parking charge increase seems to be having the desired effect. I’m seeing far more empty spaces around the civic centre and a lot more people out and about on bikes right now. Now that the students are back, I’m hoping that’ll only increase as time goes on.

My main concern with this transport plan is that we’ll get to 2020 and realise that this rather unambitious plan didn’t really go far enough. Apparently some councillors agree…

The cabinet faced fierce criticism from its own benches and opposition parties over its blueprint for the development of the city’s transport network.

A former Labour deputy leader of the city described the plan as a “complete lack of vision”, “a collection of thoughts” with “nothing giving it any cohesiveness at all”.

Source: Cardiff council’s Labour leadership faces fierce criticism over its plans for city transport – from its own members – Wales Online

Whilst it broadly says what we cyclists would want it to, there’s not quite enough meat on the bones –no cycle superhighways or even segregated cycleways, but hopefully less traffic on the main roads.

Even so, we’re probably stuck with it for the time being.

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