How do you campaign for a 20mph limit on your street?

We received an excellent question on Twitter today, asking how you would go about campaigning for a 20mph speed limit to be placed on your street.

Ultimately, speed limits are set by your local council, so writing to your local councillor would be one way of doing it. However, Cardiff Council is also running a 20mph pilot in Cathays and Roath and are inviting feedback and questions to a dedicated mailbox.

If you have a question or you require further information about the project, email the team at 20mph @ (no spaces)
Alternatively, contact the 20mph Team in writing at the address below:
20mph Pilot
Room 301 County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW

Source: 20mph Pilot Scheme – Keeping Cardiff Moving

Other options are to start a petition, if only to make sure you’re not the only one on your street who thinks it is a good idea. Hopefully your neighbours would appreciate a quieter, safer street and be happy to sign. Send it to your local councillor and cross your fingers.

If you don’t get any joy from your local councillor or the 20mph mailbox, you could consider heading up the chain of command and writing to your local Assembly AM or even your MP.

Of course, the other option is to campaign for all streets to be 20mph. Rod at @20splentyforus has a metric ton of resources you can use on his website.

Of course, if you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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