A New Bus & Cycle Lane on Cathedral Road – Your comments

On Friday we posted an article about a proposed bus & cycle lane on Cathedral Road and encouraged you to comment either below or directly to the Council.

We also offered to write to the council with your comments on your behalf, should you not feel comfortable doing so. In order to do that, rather than include the comments as they were written we will summarise the issues into a few bullet-points, as follows:

  • Concern that the proposed one-way system will prevent cyclists from crossing to and from the relative safety of Sophia Gardens and into and out of Talbot Street, forcing more people to travel along Cathedral Road.
  • Concern about difficulty crossing traffic lanes onto Cathedral Road from Hamilton Street to access the bus lane.
  • Concern that cycle traffic flow & paths of least resistance have not been considered sufficiently.
  • Concern that cycle lane will be used for parking and undertaking, as currently occurs on Wellington Street.
  • Potential for more “close passes” with the wide advisory cycle lanes –traffic will routinely encroach on cycle lane, as currently occurs on James Street in Cardiff Bay.

Suggested improvements:

  • Provide adequate lighting through Sophia Gardens for people travelling at night.
  • Consider reviewing traffic directions for proposed one-way system.
  • Shared pavements on both sides, such as those found in Cardiff Bay around Morrisons would be a preferred.

Did we miss anything? If so, please let us know by Thursday and we’ll fire an email off on Friday.

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