Vale of Glamorgan Active Travel Consultation 2015

As part of the process of identifying the Vale’s existing active travel routes, the Council has launched a public consultation exercise to gather the views of local residents and key stakeholders.

The consultation will run from Thursday 01 October 2015 to Friday 18 December 2015. You can have your say by completing the online survey below. Paper copies are available upon request. If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Council using the details below.

Source: Active Travel 2015

Many of us currently, or have in the past commuted into Cardiff by bicycle from Penarth, Sully and Dinas Powys. Some have even commuted from Barry. This, we believe, makes it worth talking about on here.

The survey at the link above is best completed with a mouse & keyboard –it’s not what you would call mobile-friendly. However, if you can get to a normal desktop or laptop, it would be worth taking the time to let them know what sorts of journeys you are doing on a regular basis.

From a touring perspective the Vale is an excellent place to ride. They’ve got some tremendous lanes heading out to Llantwit Major and beyond, but from an active travel perspective, travelling in and around the major settlements is not for the faint of heart. Here’s hoping that people-power can change that.

On a related note, you may remember that we told you about a petition to sort out the Barry end of Dinas Powys to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians. It seems like as good a time as any to remind you to put your name down!

As one of Cardiff’s main commuter towns, the roads at either end of Dinas Powys are pretty shocking. This particular petition I believe refers to the Barry end, where you also have to contend with that invariably busy roundabout.

Source: A Petition to make the road to Dinas Powys safer for pedestrians and cyclists on… – Cardiff By Bike

We would also like to see something done about the stretch of A4055 between the Cogan Spur and the centre of Dinas Powys. It’s the most direct and least hilly route to Dinas and Barry, but it’s a horrid place to ride.

Also, bicycle parking around Penarth. It would be nice if there actually was some…lamp posts and railings don’t count.

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