Cardiff's Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation

Good news everyone! No sooner had the Vale begun consulting on Active Travel, Cardiff Council has now joined in too.

The Draft Existing Routes Map for Cardiff is now available and we want your views on the suitability of the routes shown on the Draft Existing Routes Map. via Cardiff Council

You can go straight to the route map here. One thing that will become abundantly clear straight away is how the existing routes have huge gaps between them. There’s are single lines in Thornhill, Splott and Caerau that lead nowhere. There’s a mass of blue in and around Cardiff Bay and Bute Park, but nothing joining the two.

There’s also a note to explain that each of the bridges (Blackweir, Western Avenue), plus a section of the Taff Trail have “Cyclists dismount” signs up on them.

It’s probably worth pointing out that, whilst other “cycle paths” exist in Cardiff, the ones that aren’t featured on the map fall below the standards set out by the Active Travel Act design guidance.

Cardiff Council has a lot of work to do, so you’re going to want to have your say and complete the survey by the 29th December 2015.

3 thoughts on “Cardiff's Active Travel Existing Route Map Consultation

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  1. my thoughts I entered to the survey –

    Q2 Are there other cycle routes in Cardiff which you currently use,
    which you think should be shown on the Existing Route Map?

    Ely trail continues from end shown in Sanatorium Park over to Cowbridge Road
    (across rubbish railway footbridge with useless cycle push slot over steps –
    get another Smart bridge like the one opposite the Atrium USW) then link to station
    at Waugron into Fairwater and on to St Fagans

    Q3 Are there places in Cardiff where you currently cycle,
    which you think require improvements?

    Almost everywhere! Bus lanes too narrow, cycle paths at end pointlessly, bridges
    that are hard to cross – steps… Cathays station , poor surfaces on Ely trail,
    see above, cars parked on cycle lanes – Cowbridge road, blocking the cycle by-pass
    on Give priority to on coming places – Ty Draw Road and others, no dropped kerb or
    lane across blocked off rat-runs –
    outside Woodville Pub and others all over the city. etc etc…

    Q4 Are there places you would like to cycle in Cardiff,
    but currently do not, because they are not suitable for cycling?

    down Queen Street in a dedicated cycle lane, anywhere around the City centre,
    in bus lanes – aggressive bus drivers..


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