Pugh's Garden Centre – Morganstown

We have a new cycle-friendly destination to add to the list –Pugh’s Garden Centre in Morganstown.

Pugh’s has a number of units that may be of interest to us cyclists, such as Mountain Warehouse; a garden shed maker; a veterinarian; a pet shop; a wood fire retailer and a few other things.

Most importantly, there’s also a very nice cafe inside the main garden centre building, where you can top up your caffeine and sugar levels before heading up to Eglwysilan from Cardiff.

They can be found outside the old garden centre entrance and we hope that their presence encourages both current cyclists and those who are considering taking it up as a switch to green (or maybe a New Years get-fit resolution!) to cycle the area more often knowing that you can now stop-off in Pughs for a well deserved pit stop!

Source: On Your Bike!

If you are taking the Taff Trail, there are two easy ways to get there. You can either take the river bridge at Radyr, head past the station and onto the main road through Radyr, up and over the hill and take a right by the Tynant pub.

Pugh's Garden Centre

The other way is to take the old tram bridge at the bottom of the Tongwynlais playing fields & take the lane past Gelynis Farm back to the main road. Take a right and right again at the Tynant.

The address for your Garmin is:

Tynant Nurseries
Cf15 8LB

Nice one, Pugh’s! I’ll be sure to drop in!


As it turns out, whilst Pugh’s do have bike racks now, they are of the spoke-bending variety that will only lock onto your wheel (pointless if you have quick-release wheels) and offer nothing to support the bike in an upright position.

Pugh’s aren’t the only place we’ve seen racks like these, but it is frustrating that businesses continue to install them.

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