RMT Calls 48 Hour Strike Action on Arriva Trains Wales

If you were looking for another opportunity to get back on the bike, might we suggest you take that opportunity on the 22nd October 2015?

The trade union RMT has called upon Arriva Trains Wales staff to strike over what it perceives as ATW dragging its feet over a new pay award.

All affected members are instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-
00:01 on Thursday 22nd October 2015 to 23:59 on Friday 23rd October 2015

Source: RMT Calls 48 Hour Strike Action on Arriva Trains Wales – rmt

It isn’t clear what effect this will have on services, but considering that Arriva trains are often flummoxed by leaves  or inclement weather, assume that it will be a frustrating trip to work that day.

Just take the bike…

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