Cardiff Bicycle Hire Scheme On the Way…

It looks like Cardiff will soon get its own public bike share scheme, just like other cities in the UK…

A notice appeared on Sell 2 Wales indicating that Cardiff Council was looking to award a contract at the beginning of January 2016.

Cardiff Council is seeking to set-up a public bike share scheme within Cardiff. Initially the scheme will comprise circa 20 docking hubs at strategic locations within the Authority and provide circa 250 bikes at these various locations. The Council aims to expand the scheme to 350-500 bikes to link other key locations within the Authority following a successful initial phase.

Source: View Notice – Sell2Wales

Some of you may remember the ill-fated OYBike scheme, which was said to have been quite popular, but the council pulled funding for it in 2011 after only two years.

Hopefully this one won’t encounter the same fate. Thanks to @beicwrtaff on Twitter for spotting this.

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