A New Bus & Cycle Lane on Cathedral Road – An Update

Good news! The Council has published its consultation report for the above scheme.

Back in September we compiled a list of comments from readers in response to proposals for a new bus & cycle lane on Cathedral Road. Part of the scheme also included the implementation of a one-way system on Talbot Street & Hamilton Street.

There was concern that the implementation may result in cutting off an often-used cycle route and force cyclists to travel along the very busy Cathedral Road when they normally wouldn’t.

It appears that the council has listened and is now going to revisit the direction of the one-way system and possibly implement a contraflow cycle lane.

The proposal for one way streets will be re-examined in the light of consultation responses received. Maintenance of good cycle links is an important part of the Council’s transport policies. A possible solution is the provision of a contraflow cycle lane with cyclists crossing Cathedral Rd using the Toucan crossing which will be provided. This will be investigated.

Also, responding to suggestions that the proposed cycle lanes are not wide enough, the Council will also revisit this when drawing up its detailed plans.

You can read the consultation report on the Council’s website. Still, if you ever wanted some reassurance that these consultations are not always a foregone conclusion, this is it.

While we are on the subject, there’s the parking consultation and the Active Travel route consultation still underway. Get your comments in (via us if you wish) while you can.

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