Cardiff Bay to Seawall Tea Rooms

If you are ever in the need for a quick sprint to somewhere for cake & a refreshing beverage, the Seawall Tea Rooms is for you.

Just 20 miles from Cardiff Bay, the Seawall Tea Rooms is a flat, easy ride along NCN Route 4 and boy do they love us cyclists.

Leaving the Millennium Centre you head down Schooner Way and take a right at the lights. Head straight over the next two roundabouts and into the streets of Tremorfa (you can head down Rover Way if you prefer, but it’s a horrid road to cycle on) until you reach Rover Way at the back of TGI Fridays. Take a right here, followed by a left at the roundabout & head for Lamby Way.

Head down the coast road until you reach Duffryn. Watch out for the signs for NCN Route 4 on your right as you reach the estate and follow NCN 4 to the A48 before taking a right onto Nash Road all the way to Goldcliff.

On the route below we used a muddy path at the bottom of Corporation Rd, but there’s an easy route by road too if you stay on the A48 a little longer. While you are there, take a walk up to the sea wall for a look around. It’s quite beautiful in the height of summer. A bit grim when we went there on Saturday though!

You can grab the route from RidewithGPS here.

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