Pre-Register for the 2016 Velothon Wales

Good news! 22nd May 2016 is the date set for the Velothon and pre-registration is underway.

If you are interested in being one of the many thousands of cyclists who will #TakeTheProRoad at Velothon Wales on Sunday 22nd May 2016, please fill out the form

Source: Pre-Register for 2016 — Velothon Wales

A couple of things to note with the event next year. Firstly, the 140km route looks very similar to last year, but they are including an optional shortcut, bringing it down to 110km.

Secondly, the 50km route will not feature this time around. They cite insufficient demand and a desire to reduce the impact of road closures as the reasons for this.

The question is, if you did the 50km route this year, does the lack of a 50km option put you off entering next year? Or, are you feeling brave & registering for the 140km route?

Whatever happens, places sold out pretty quickly last year, so it is worth putting your name down now if you are at all tempted.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Register for the 2016 Velothon Wales

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  1. Disgusted to find the 50K is not taking place. It surely has nothing to do with numbers but all to do with local AMs Councillors etc moaning about a few hours of closed roads that people knew about 12 months in advance.
    I will not being doing the 140-110K as it is probably out of my comfort zone and £59 for both myself and my wife is a bit too much.
    This year was a great event which myself and my wife thought was one of the best multi events we had done. All those who did the 50K seemed to be having a great time. We are not all Eddy Merckx (Showing my age now) and I believe a lot of people have been ostracized because of this. Good luck to all those who will be entering, but it seems unlikely I will be part of this great event. Shame on the local politicians (mentioning no names but he knows who he is).


    1. I think it was due to lack of interest. Do some training and you should be able to do the 140km route. People of all ages, shapes and sizes managed it. You will be surprised how you get dragged along by the others. If you can climb Caerphilly Mountain, you can do it!


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