White Lines, by Ashley Said

Whilst many of us are hunkering down at home, hiding from the weather, now is an excellent time to watch a motivational cycling short film.

The documentary follows Alex as he prepares himself for the struggle he is going to encounter. Located deep within the Welsh Valley’s lays The Bwlch, one of Britain’s most dangerous and unforgiving mountains. 1.7 miles of tight corners, long straights and narrow roads that run along the treacherous cliff edge. It’s the ultimate performance test for any cyclist.

If you’ve been around Cardiff or Penarth for a while, you may well know Alex. I met him whilst he was working at a restaurant in Cardiff Bay, but he’s also been a cycle courier –the sort of training that would stand you in good stead for tackling the Bwlch on a fixie, that’s for sure!

The Bwlch, as we’ve written about before is a challenge with a whole range of gears at your disposal. Tackling it with only one and no freewheel for coming down the other side is an epic feat.

Thanks to David for sharing this with us.

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