A Mandatory Cycle Lane for Maes-y-Coed Road…

It’s not often we see the word “mandatory” associated with any cycle infrastructure in Cardiff, but one has just popped up on the radar.

The Council’s latest wizard-wheeze is a mandatory lane that runs for a short stretch along Maes-y-Coed Road in front of the two bakery units.

These lanes will appear on both sides of the carriageway and run for a whole 140 metres…

Yes, that’s right, 140 metres. It looks like this TRO is in relation to an earlier transport project that the Council consulted on earlier in the year.

Our initial reaction to the proposal is “umm…why???”. Having ridden that stretch in both directions a number of times, if they are going to put a mandatory lane anywhere, it would be hard to make the case for one being there.

It appears to be another on-again, off-again solution that the council is renowned for.

The consultation on this Traffic Regulation Order runs from 04/12/15  to 30/12/15 and you can email Kerry Pain at the Council if you have any comments to make. Alternatively, you can comment below and we’ll compile them and send them on.

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