Something to watch: Ride of My Life

Ever in the pursuit of interesting cycling documentaries that aren’t all about competition, Ride of My Life is an excellent one to get your eyeballs around.

Robert Penn loves cycling and has ridden for most of his life. As a tribute to his love of cycling, he embarks on a mission to build his perfect bike –one to grow old with.

Mongrels often make the best pets

Whilst you can get far on an off-the-shelf bike, if you spend enough time on one you may well find yourself wanting to upgrade certain parts –almost to the point where there’s very little of the original bike left.

However, what if you were to set out to build your bike from the ground up? What would it be like?

Have a think & comment below, if you like! Oh, and watch the video, obviously.

If you’d rather read about Robert’s adventure, there is a book that went with the show over on our reading list.

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