Eastern Bus Corridor – Newport Road Improvements

As a key part of Enfys Route 3, Newport Road needs a lot of work. Fortunately, Cardiff Council is on the case with a few incremental improvements under consultation right now.

The primary aims of the scheme are to improve road safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, and to improve journey times and journey time reliability for bus services, thereby making sustainable travel choices more attractive in supporting the growth associated with the Local Development Plan. –via Cardiff Council – Eastern Bus Corridor – Newport Road / Fitzalan Place / West Grove Junction Improvements

There are four parts to the scheme.

Section A is focussed around Fitzalan Road, and will include “public realm improvements” such as footway widening plus an upgrade of the existing crossings to tabled zebra crossings.

Section B will be at the crossroads of Newport Road, Fitzalan Place and West Grove. A Traffic Regulation Order will prohibit turning right into West Grove, together with removal of the traffic island to enable a straight-across crossing facility on West Grove.

The reduction in the number of lanes on the eastern side of the junction will allow for a new crossing facility (at the eastern arm of the junction). There’s a few other “public realm” improvements planned for the Fitzalan Road side too.

In Section C, the two lanes heading south on West Grove will be lengthened to reduce delays to inbound buses. However, it’ll require relocation of the bus stop. They’re also planning to change the build-outs and upgrade the existing crossing to a Puffin.

Section D is perhaps the most interesting to us. “Kerb extensions will be built-out at the junction of East Grove and at Howard Place, in order improve visibility, reduce crossing distances, self-enforce parking in close proximity to the junction, thereby increasing safety for crossing pedestrians and cyclists”.

Also part of this scheme is an upgrade to the existing westbound bus lane near East Grove. It’ll be widened to be 4.5m, giving us more room to get around buses (ON THE RIGHT, we might add!) to access the advanced stop line.


If you have any comments to make on these proposals, you’ll need to email the Council by 4th January 2016, or you can comment below and we’ll compile something and send them off.

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