The Active Travel Independent Report and the Rhondda Tunnel

There’s some new reading material to get our heads around on Welsh Government’s Active Travel pages.

First up, we have Professor Stuart Cole’s report, commissioned by the Minister for Economy, Science & Transport.

The active travel independent report by Professor Stuart Cole follows on from the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 and the subsequent documents – Design Guidance, Action Plan, and Delivery Plan. The report was commissioned by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.

It talks about the issue of funding and goes some way to explain why our councils are a little short on ambition when it comes to active travel projects –annual funding. This has recently changed to three years, but too recently to make any measurable difference to the council’s plans.

Interestingly, the report recommends WG establish an arms-length body to oversee implementation of the Act.

Another document, this time written by Sustrans, looks into the railway tunnels of south Wales. You’ll have no doubt heard about the Rhondda tunnel, but there are others too –most likely closed as a result of the Beeching cuts.

We commissioned Sustrans to investigate the idea of converting former railway tunnels in south Wales into walking and cycling routes. These would enhance the existing active travel network in the region. They also looked in detail at the Rhondda Tunnel which, if opened, would form the second longest walking and cycling tunnel in the world. Both reports are available to download.

Source: Implementation

There’s a report on all of the tunnels, as well as one dedicated to the big one in the Rhondda.

The two tunnels near us –the Walnut Tree tunnel and the Wenvoe tunnel, are not being considered. However, users of the Taff Trail up to Merthyr will be interested in developments around the Abernant tunnel. This will link Aberdare to Merthyr.

So, plenty to read & digest. If you’ve read them, let us know your thoughts…

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