Just how much money can you save by cycling to work?

Saving money is usually pretty close to the top of our lists of reasons why we cycle to work,  but just how much are we saving?

Fortunately, to answer that there’s quite a useful calculator over at cycletoworkcalculator.com. For illustrative purposes I entered the cost of my current daily go-to bike and compared it to the cost of a rail return ticket from where I live –£5. Apparently I’ve saved around £500 over the year and paid off the bike in 160 days. Not bad at all.

However, against the cost of driving into town, parking and fuelling the car –approximately £10 since the on-street parking charges went up, I’d be saving £1800 per year, assuming I would normally drive into work.

An almighty caveat

There is one slight fly in the ointment however. If you are like me and you find yourself getting rather enthusiastic and some-might-say a little evangelical about cycling, you might find yourself spending a little more than the calculator would show. There are so many interesting and useful things in your average bike shop that you can attempt to justify buying. New gloves; new shoes; lycra…even an additional bike…

That being said, if I’m between £500 and £1800 up on other forms of transport, perhaps we can overlook some of those additional purchases…

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