Getting your caffeine fix when you've left your lock at home…

Sometimes you just want to go out for a ride on your own for the sake of riding. Sometimes it’s nice to leave the big heavy lock at home, but what if you find yourself needing a coffee while you are out?

One of the bicycle’s greatest failings is that they’re really easy to steal, so leaving your trusty steed unattended and unlocked in a busy city is bus ride waiting to happen. So, is there anywhere in Cardiff you can go that’ll not separate you from your bike while you order your brew?

This was a question posted to the Facebook page by a reader named Gareth.  So, to find an answer we canvassed the great minds of Cardiff’s cycling community and came up with a few suggestions for coffee shops you can go to with your bike and not be surrendering your ride to Cardiff’s light-fingered fraternity.

Ideally you need to be looking for places that are not busy pedestrian areas, so Queen Street, High Street, Albany Road & Cathedral Road are probably also out, except for Café Castan perhaps. Somewhere that serves outdoors, such as Bute Park’s two cafe’s or the Handlebar Barista’s, if you can find them! So, we’ve come up with:

  • Pedalpower
  • Bute Park coffee shops (one by the bridge, one behind the big hedge)
  • Lufkin Coffee
  • Handlebar Barista
  • Café Castan
  • Starbucks Drive-through

However, this we hope is not all of them. If you can recommend somewhere that serves good coffee whilst allowing you to keep your bike close at hand, we really, really want to know.

Fire away in the comments!

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