Something to watch: Havana Bikes – by Kauri Multimedia

One of the reasons many of us will cite when asked why we cycle is sustainability. However, to be truly sustainable, we need to be re-using what we have.

Here in Cardiff we do have a number of organisations that recycle old bikes and find them loving new homes, but out in Cuba that need to recycle is a fact of life.

Thanks to a long running spat (epic simplification alert!) between the US and Cuba’s communist government, not much has been getting in or out of Cuba since the early 90s and that includes bike parts.

So, the people of Havana have been maintaining, recycling and reusing anything they can get their hands on to keep their bikes running.

Not only is this an excellent, inspiring short film, but it also shines a light on some of the excellent work the likes of Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Motorlegs, Gweithdy and Punk Bikes do here in Cardiff.

Just because a bike is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its best days are behind it.

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