Cardiff Local Development Plan – Site C – Plasdwr

Some details are starting to emerge about some of the new developments on Cardiff’s Local Development Plan. First up, Plasdwr.


This is site C on our overview, but it sits alongside Llantrisant Road, somewhere between Radyr and St Fagans. It’ll consist of 920 homes and some ambitious plans around sustainability and green spaces. However, the transport proposals bowled us over a little:

  • Dedicated cycle routes
  • School cycling trains and scoot-to-school strategies
  • Clear and attractive pedestrian and cycling routes
  • Cycle hire and car clubs
  • Future allowance for Rapid Transit System
  • Bus gates and bus priority
  • Bus has clear and visible advantage over other vehicle movements
  • Direct, walkable distances to bus stops
  • Design to change the character of Llantrisant Road and break down this route as an existing barrier
  • Green setting at key signal controlled junctions to give priority to the non-motorised user
  • Direct, walkable distances to facilities
  • Footpaths and cyclepaths to be continuous cross junctions without breaks to give priority to the pedestrian or cyclist
  • Development areas designed to put the pedestrian and cyclist first
  • Accessible local education and facilities
  • Street design that creates driver awareness
  • Appropriate parking standards

If this actually happens, it could be fantastic. It could also give residents a bit of a rude awakening when they cycle outside their shiny new estate.  Out here in “old” Cardiff, bike lanes are often shared with pedestrians or cars and road traffic always takes priority at junctions –the complete opposite of what is proposed.

However, sites like Plasdwr are a clean slate. They give the council and developers the opportunity to do things properly. The challenge is whether or not these exciting new design features make their way out of the Plasdwr bubble, or whether Plasdwr itself is scaled back to retain the business-as-usual approach to active travel that has become a reality for the rest of us.

It could yet become the blueprint for other developments and trigger a programme of retrofitting for the existing communities within Cardiff.

Time will tell, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

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