University Hospital of Wales – Bike Parking

Let’s face it, nobody really enjoys visiting a hospital, whether it is for a loved one or to have your own body repaired. It’s generally worrisome experience for all concerned, but paying for parking while you are there just rubs salt into the wounds.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not at UHW, which appears to have an ample supply of bike racks all over the site.

A University site as much as it is a hospital, the lion’s share of UHW’s bike storage is centred around the student blocks and social club, but from a patient/visitor perspective you’ll find racks outside the main concourse entrance, outside the dental hospital and near the Lakeside Ophthalmology Clinic.

Getting to UHW

Whilst many motorists will access UHW from the A48, we two-wheeled types can take the residential roads and avoid much of the agro.

There’s an entrance on Allensbank Road and one on King George V Drive West, which can be accessed by taking a turn south on Heathwood Road.

Common-sense Disclaimer

If you are going there for treatment, particularly if you are having any work done on your eyes or are likely to come out medicated into a trance-like state, please don’t cycle! Cycling with blurry eyes, double vision or impaired depth perception is a spectacularly bad idea and whilst cycling on Tramadol sounds like fun in theory, it won’t end well for you! Don’t operate heavy machinery, or ride a bike.

If you are visiting or working there, go right ahead!

Finally, a massive thanks to Cardiff & Vale University Health Board’s social media team for following up on our query and delivering this excellent map. We now have a map for Llandough as well.. Whilst car parking is free at Llandough, there’s not much of it for visitors. Taking the bike instead would be a good idea.

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