A petition asking @Cardiffcouncil to provide safe, segregated cycleways and secure parking

Frustrated with the lack of progress Cardiff is making in developing cycling infrastructure, Cycling Cardiff has begun petitioning the Council in the hopes that it’ll nudge them along.

We are asking Cardiff Council to adopt the London Cycling Design Standards, and by 2020, to provide:

  • Secure and convenient cycle storage outside our homes, where required
  • Safe, comfortable, and direct segregated cycleways to destinations that are suitable for all citizens aged 8 to 80+
  • Secure and convenient cycle parking at destinations, including temporary secure parking for events

Source: petition: Enable everyone to cycle in Cardiff by providing safe, segregated cycleways and secure parking.

Whatever the outcome of the petition, we are likely to continue waiting a frustrating amount of time before we see any substantive changes. First of all, the overriding priority for the council with regards to cycling is complying with the Welsh Government’s timetable for implementing the Active Travel Act. This means the council is currently in the process of drawing up their integrated plans –a task they have until September 2017 to complete. We would be very surprised to see what the council has in store for us before then.

What is potentially up for grabs is the finer details of how routes will be developed. If we can convince the council that shared paths and door-zone cycle lanes are bad idea, maybe we’ll get something close to what London is currently getting.

By signing the petition, we continue to keep the pressure on the council to take people on bikes seriously. If the design goals described by the new housing development schemes are anything to go by, there is cause for some hope.

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