More 20mph zones are on the way

Good news everyone! The 20mph pilot that started in Cathays and Roath is set to expand.

Whilst we’ve been cautiously welcoming tweets from the 20splenty campaign suggesting this was happening, until we saw something concrete from the council or at least a little more detail on the proposals we were going to stay quiet. However, even WalesOnline has caught onto it now.

Councillor Patel said: “The council is working on proposals for 20mph limits in different areas of the city. The introduction of new limits in these areas will add to the knowledge we have acquired from the 20mph pilot in Cathays and Roath and help us to consider other potential areas in Cardiff.”

Source: Cardiff set to introduce more 20mph zones across the city

It has been suggested that Canton & Riverside will be next for a 20mph zone, but until the council sets out their firm plans, who knows. The other piece of good news is that it looks like the money raised from bus lane fines is going to pay for it.

Whilst we’d have gone a step further and turned everything south of the M4 into a 20mph zone, this good news does come with an almighty caveat. These new zones need to be enforced. Signage is meaningless if everyone continues driving around these streets at 30mph or more.

Ideally it needs to be combined with more filtered permeability to prevent rat-runners using the residential streets. However, on the whole, the mere suggestion that more of Cardiff is going to adopt 20mph is to be applauded.

If it helps people to feel safer, to take to their bicycles and to claim back the streets from cars, this is a good thing.

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  1. Re enforcement, you need to look at ‘Community Speed Watch ‘ which we are starting to roll out in North East Wales.


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