Something to read: The Ask Cardiff Report on Transport

The reading material is coming through thick & fast at the moment. Today we have the transport section of the Ask Cardiff report.

Ask Cardiff’ is an annual survey offering the public the opportunity to share their views on a wide range of Council delivered services. 4,431 members of the public participated in the 2015 survey which covered topics including Waste, Transport, Leisure, Budget Priorities and much more.

Source: Ask Cardiff | Facts & Stats

It has a few interesting insights for ourselves and our Cardiff Cycle City colleagues to get our head around. We’ll take a more thorough look at it over there, but for now we’ll pick out a few interesting titbits. First up:

Satisfaction was lowest for cycling facilities, with just 37.7% of respondents stating they were ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ satisfied. There is however a continuing upward trend from 33.8% in 2014 and 28.1% in 2013.

We could be downright cynical and wonder whom on earth those 37.7% are, but we’re above all that…(arf!)

However, they do drill down a little further on this.

City and Cardiff South was the only area where over half of the respondents were satisfied with cycling facilities (51.4%). This contrasted with just 28.5% of residents living in Cardiff East where 29.0% were ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ dissatisfied.

We’re not really surprised that the East of Cardiff is unhappy with cycling facilities. Having spent some time riding around there, we’re not convinced that there are any cycling facilities.

One area for concern, however is the number of people whom feel unsafe cycling in Cardiff.

More than half of those offering an opinion (56.2%) stated they did not feel safe when cycling in Cardiff. Just one in twenty (4.9%) described themselves as feeling ‘very safe’.

Whilst we’re not surprised by this one either, it’s troubling that this fear persists and remains a barrier to many. Another reason why 20mph zones and the enforcement of them is vital.

Anyway, enough from us. Have a read of the report and let us know what you think, via the usual channels.

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