Something to read: – Bicycle Culture by Design: Bicycle Infrastructure Fail(s)

A two-way cycle lane down the middle of a boulevard in Washington DC caused a bit of a storm on social media this week.

Bad infrastructure is nothing new, but placing a cycle lane in the middle of the traffic, away from the relative safety of the kerb is bonkers. However, don’t take our word for it, Mikael Colville-Andersen from Copenhagenize Design has weighed in on this one.

The primary problem is that traffic engineering, in certain countries, still has influence on planning and urban design. In America, where this infrastructure was put in, bicycles are placed in the same category as motorized vehicles. In countries that GET the bicycle’s role in cities, they are regarded as fast-moving pedestrians and we’ve been planning for them for a century.

Source: – Bicycle Culture by Design: Bicycle Infrastructure Fail(s)

Well worth reading the full article, particularly if you are from a Council planning department…

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