Guest Post: Pritchard's 100k Challenge – by @stevecastle

Easter is coming and the long bank holiday weekend is a great time to get out and ride the bike. For those training for an upcoming event like the Carten100 or the Velothon it’s time to get a few miles in the legs.

One man who will definitely be out on the bike this weekend is Matthew Pritchard, star of TV series ‘Dirty Sanchez’. Known for its crazy stunts and outrageous challenges, the show was once described as ‘Makes Jackass look like the Teletubbies’!

Pritch is keeping up the mad challenges with Prichard’s 100k Challenge, in which he aims to complete a half ironman every day for 30 days.

That’s a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run every day for 30 days.


Now, while the Velominati would consider that completely against the rules, (Rule 42) it is for several good causes and worth supporting.

Pritch is also welcoming people to join him on any leg of his challenge, so last Sunday some of us joined him for a the cycle part of Day 20.


A group of us met Pritch at the International pool in Cardiff Bay and rode out through the Newport flats, to Caldicot and back to Cardiff, finishing at Roath Rec, in time for Pritch to start his run.

Pritch was joined by Mark Colbourne, gold medal winning cyclist at the 2012 Paralympics. Mark set a good pace for Pritch to complete the ride without losing too much energy and was great support for the rest of the group.


So, if you fancy joining Pritch over the Easter weekend, check the details on the website. He often starts at the International pool and finishes at a branch of sponsor Peter Alan, some of which are located in Cardiff. Also check the challenge Twitter account for start times.

And if you can’t make any of the swims / rides / runs over the weekend, don’t forget to donate at

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