Route Hack: Avoiding Rover Way…

With news of the A4232 extension finally getting underway, it got us thinking about how we can get to the east of Cardiff by bike.

The beast of the east

Cycle links to the east of the city, as we’ve already discussed is a bit of a sore subject. There’s not a lot of infrastructure to speak of and the route to places like Llanrumney and beyond will usually involve Rover Way or Newport Road. It’s not a fun ride at the best of times.

However, there is a way to navigate the maze that is Tremorfa and Splott to come out at Lamby Way. From here you can either take that lovely road down to Duffryn, or you can turn onto Mardy Road and into Rumney.

Getting to the starting point will of course be much easier when Windsor Bridge has re-opened, but otherwise you can get to it from Callaghan Square or via the “Smart bridge” on Pellett Street.

Grab the route from RideWithGPS.

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