Global Bike to Work Day – Tuesday 10th May

On Tuesday 10th May Strava is hosting its first Global Bike to Work Day. All you have to do is join the challenge via the app and ride to work on that day.

Strava Metro is proud to host the first Global Bike to Work Day. Upload a ride on May 10th that starts in one place and ends in another and you’ll complete the challenge. Not only will you enjoy a healthy way to travel and make the world just a little better, but by uploading your commute to Strava, you’ll make a difference.

Source: Global Bike to Work Day

We’ve talked a little about using Strava & other sources of data to plan infrastructure improvements. To its credit, Strava has a number of “labs” projects that use its massive stockpile of ride data for just such a thing. However, Strava has historically appealed to a certain sort of rider, but they appear keen to change that. You’ll have noticed that recent versions of the app now have a big “Commute” button you can tap on your recent activities to flag it as such.

Commutes definitely do count, not least because they are an excellent way to get more training miles under your belt, but also because you are likely to commute on roads & trails that make the most sense to you. You will pick routes that you feel safe on (relatively speaking, in some cases) and that won’t turn you into a sweaty heap.

So, why not sign up for the challenge and while you are at it, if you haven’t joined our Strava club yet, why not do that too?

Transport Seminar – 4th May

Whilst we have your attention and on this very subject of data tools, on Wednesday 4th May at 4pm, Dr Robin Lovelace, School of Geography at the University of Leeds and Crispin Cooper from Cardiff University are holding a seminar at the Glamorgan Building on the Propensity to Cycle Tool.

If you are interested in attending, put your name down here.

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