More on bike security…

We’ve talked a little about bike security before, but it may interest you to read a Q&A that Cycling Weekly had with a former bike thief.

There’s a lot to be said for theory, but insight into the tricks of the trade should prove invaluable.

How would you prevent your own bike becoming stolen? What are your top tips?
Never use a chain, they’re too easy to snip. Use a small D-lock on front and back wheels. If your lock can be moved about that means the thief’s bolt cutters can get around them, at the right angle they won’t. Stiff D-locks are hard to snip because you need the right angle on the cutters to get the force to close them.

Source: Bike thief reveals tricks of the trade in this shockingly candid interview – Cycling Weekly

So, no cables, no chains and two of the shortest Sold Secure Gold D-locks you can get away with, such as this one. One D-lock through the frame & back wheel, plus one securing the front wheel to the stand.

Hopefully that’ll hold them off.

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