Debunking some common Cycling Fallacies

We have a new favourite website. Cycling Fallacies has launched, providing a one-stop-shop for rebukes and counter-arguments for nearly every common falsehood or half-truth that we cyclists seem to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with.

The site, which was created with the support of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is laid out in a common sense grid that is easy to navigate, putting well-reasoned responses to let’s face it, bovine bio-waste at your fingertips.

This week the big story in Cardiff, Velothon aside has been a police presence on Queen Street, booking cyclists. As an example of Cycling Fallacies usefulness, on the subject of riding on footways it says:

Although cycling on footways can be quite prevalent, it is a symptom of poor conditions for cycling. The best (and most permanent) way to tackle this problem is to create attractive places for cycling, either in the form of cycleways separated from motor traffic, or by making the road itself a pleasant place to cycle by reducing the speed and volume of motor traffic. Cycling on footways is a poor way to get about, compared to good alternatives.

Perhaps the Council should see this…

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