Our best wishes for all those riding in the Velothon!

Just a quick note to say good luck to all those taking part in the Velothon this year. It’s sure to be a spectacular event and something for this region to be proud of.

By now you should all have your numbers pinned onto your jerseys; your tyres pumped up; and your bike computers charged. As it is currently after 10pm you should all really be in bed too!

Make sure you have a good breakfast before you set out (we tend to go for proteins & fats such as eggs for these sorts of rides) and try to stick to energy bars that you know –the last thing you want is stomach ache.

When you hit the Tumble, remember our climbing tips. Stay in your seat, relax & ignore everyone else. Find your own pace and concentrate on getting to the top. If you must stop & walk, pull over to the left & let people pass.

Above all, enjoy yourself!

One more thing…

After you’ve had chance to recover, we’d love to hear what you thought of the event; how your training went and if there is anything you would do differently next year.

We have a Guest Post form waiting for your words!

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