Cardiff By Bike is Turning One!

On the 15th of August this humble website reaches its first birthday. As first years go, we really couldn’t be happier.

In the past 12 months we’ve gone from nothing to 222 (223 including this) posts; 800+ followers on Twitter; 250+ on Facebook and we’ve got over 60 riders in our Strava club, all racking up the miles.

We’ve also had a number of excellent guest posts from readers about some of their epic rides and their learning experiences. Special thanks to Steve Castle, Gareth Thomas, Nick Russill, Matt Williams, Tomos Jones, Dan Allsobrook and Alistair Ruff for taking the time out to write for us and for being excellent wordsmiths in their own right.

A huge thank you also to David Hann for being a goldmine of information; a cracking mentor and friend for over 18 months now.

The Future…

All things being well, over the next 12 months we would hope for more of the same. We currently have a Twitter poll running, asking what people wanted to see in the coming weeks & months.

We’re not expecting too many surprises from the results, so we will continue to investigate new routes; keep our eyes peeled for planning developments and events that you might enjoy; as well as any tips & tricks that might make your life on two wheels easier.

We’ve also expanded the pool of admins on the Strava club, giving others the opportunity to organise group rides. With a 60+ strong pool of riders, you will hopefully find at least someone to ride with!

We of course still want your guest posts and your invariably insightful comments on the social networks. We’re growing into a wonderful little community and long may that continue.

Thank you for all your support this year and here’s to the next one!


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