Junction Malfunction and a New Dawn –via West Midlands Police

You can state the facts about accidents, close passes and blame until you are blue in the face –cycling campaigners spend an inordinate amount of time doing just that. However, it is a rare joy when a wonderful blog post turns up from a traffic policing unit that says pretty much the same thing.

So drivers need to expect a zero tolerance approach for any offence involving a vulnerable road user, or an offence that could contribute to a collision involving a vulnerable road user. The only way to change driver behaviour and concentrate minds on looking out for vulnerable road users and change driving habits is through enforcement, and the resulting fear of being prosecuted. Now for those who will no doubt be spitting out their finest percolated roasted bean brew at this moment screaming “what about the cyclists !” well…….statistical analysis shows they aren’t to blame, innocent in the majority of KSI collisions it would be a waste of our time, and thus public time and money to concentrate on cyclist behaviour. The figures speak for themselves…….driver’s don’t let your prejudices get in the way of the truth…….

Source: Junction Malfunction and a New Dawn | WMP Traffic

We’re sharing this here because we would like you to become familiar with the linked article and to share it widely. It’s brilliant.

It is also quite long, so grab a coffee & settle in for a bit.

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  1. Not sure if you also saw their previous article about Headphones, but it happened to have a picture to illustrate somebody riding on the pavement .. it’s a picture of Queen St, Cardiff. Thought it funny that Queen St is held up as such an example 🙂


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