The Lion’s Share –via Singletrack Magazine

We have some more required reading for you today, courtesy of Bez. Here he rails against the fallacy that is the phrase “share the road”.

It’s very long, spectacularly well evidenced and absolutely worth a read.

The basic premise of mathematical equations holds absolutely true here: since the vehicles are different, if “Person A plus lorry” is deemed to be equal to “Person B plus bicycle” then it follows that Person A and Person B are not equal. This simple truth underpins the whole problem of defining people by their mode of transport: if we treat all road users as homogeneous regardless of their vehicle then for as long as Person A is defined as a “motorist” and Person B as a “cyclist” it is impossible to erase the inequality imposed on them by making their vehicle a part of their identity.

Source: The Lion’s Share

If you like that, you’ll find more of Bez’s insight at Beyond the kerb.

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