The Coca-Cola truck is coming. Brace yourselves…

What started out as a quaint advert at the beginning of the annual Christmas marketing campaign has in recent years become an event in itself.

Last year the brightly lit Cola delivery truck rolled into Cardiff and all heck broke loose. There were tailbacks all over the place and even motorists trying to make their way to Whitchurch through Forest Farm from Longwood Drive.

So, brace yourselves, this Thursday the brightly coloured artic will once more roll into town.

To avoid rush hour traffic, the Coca-Cola truck will make its way onto Queen Street/Churchill Way at 10.00am and will leave the city between 10.30pm and 11.30pm. Those coming into Cardiff to visit the attraction by car are being advised to consider the Park & Ride facilities at Leckwith or Pentwyn. Ideally, those that are able are being advised to consider public transport, walking or cycling into the city.

Source: City of Cardiff Council | Online media centre | The route for the Coca-Cola truck is announced | Cardiff Media Centre

Apparently last year the council were not involved in the event that led to the chaos, but in any case it sounds like a prime opportunity to get the bike out instead of driving to see the truck. We’re pleased to see the council recommend that option too.

There is bike parking on most of the side streets leading from Queen Street; some at City Hall and at both ends of the steps at the Museum. You can also use the Taff Trail to get most of the way there.

However, take care, it’s a bit slippery on there.

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