Rail Disruptions over Christmas…

If you are planning to work during the Christmas period and you normally travel by train, you may wish to rethink that plan.

Network Rail is planning a number of upgrades (including the addition of Platform 8 at Central) between Christmas Eve and 2nd January 2017.

The most affected days are 27 and 28 December and 1 and 2 January, when replacement bus services will be running.

Arriva Trains Wales said their planners had been “working very hard to minimise disruption” but urged customers to plan ahead and allow more time for their journeys.

Source: £300m Cardiff rail upgrade to disrupt Christmas travel – BBC News

The full list of disrupted services shows that apart from the 27th, 28th and the 2nd January, most of the services affected are those to Newport and Bridgend.

However, not wishing to sound like a stuck record, but over Christmas the roads should be fairly quiet. It’s as good an opportunity as any to get around by bike.

To get you started we have a pretty extensive tips section now, but if you still have questions, please get in touch.

If you are planning to hit the sales, there’s a reasonable amount of bike parking in town –we have a maps that may help you.

Don’t forget to lock your bike up with a good D-Lock, no cable locks please. Layer up; assert yourself and have fun!

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