Have your say on the refresh of the Active Travel Design Guidance…

This week the Welsh Government issued its latest Active Travel newsletter. It suggests that the Active Travel Design Guidance is due for a refresh and invites you to email the active travel team with your suggestions.

Since the guidance was first issued things have moved on a little, with innovative new ideas coming to light and infrastructure such as we’ve seen appear in London in recent years proving that if you provide separation from traffic, people of all ages and abilities will cycle.

This is an opportunity to raise the bar a little. The design guidance was good for its day, but there is always going to be room for improvement.

This clever use of luminescent paint to mark the different modes of transport is an example of innovative new practices that you may want to see reflected in the refresh.

The Design Guidance can be found here.
To include your views, please contact us here.

Have a think about what you’d like to see. If you’ve experienced good examples of cycle infrastructure elsewhere, why not drop them a line?

How timings will work with councils aiming to release their Integrated Network Plans in September 2017 we’re not sure, but the Act does suggest improvements should be made year-on-year…

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