Goitre Fach Farm – More from Site C of the Local Development Plan…

On the agenda for the 14th December 2016 Cardiff Council Planning Committee is another development for Site C of the Local Development Plan.

Goitre Fach Farm is another area of proposed housing to the west of Llantrisant Road, neighbouring the Plasdwr development we talked about previously.

From our perspective and, in the context of the recently discussed draft Cycle Plan, this site sits on the primary East-West route, but also on the proposed Llantrisant Road route as well. However, being the first plan we’ve seen since the Cycling Strategy broke cover it is understandable that holes are going to be picked where the plans fall short of our now raised expectations. A few readers got in contact with us earlier today after noticing that plans for the crossing along Llantrisant Road was not what we were promised.

The document being circulated for the planning meeting outlines the plan for the junction between the development and Llantrisant Road.

Detailed planning permission is sought for the highway proposals set out on drawing no. GA02-RevB. These include a new signal controlled junction off Llantrisant Rd, a raised uncontrolled pedestrian crossing area 240m to the west of the new junction, and the provision of segregated cycle and pedestrian routes along the Llantrisant Rd frontage to the site. The new junction arrangement comprises:

  • A new 3-arm signal junction within a new 30 mph zone on Llantrisant Rd within a widened highway, with two lanes on each approach;
  • A segregated pedestrian/cycle way to the south of Llantrisant Rd, comprising a 2m footway and a 3.2m wide cycleway, separated by a 2m verge. The footway and cycleway extend along the entire site frontage to Llantrisant Rd and continue into the site for a section;
  • Controlled pedestrian crossings on each arm, and pedestrian and cycle crossing (Toucan) on the site arm;
  • 2 new bus stops and shelters, with a new section of footway provided tothe north of Llantrisant Rd to accommodate the bus shelter.

This is particularly interesting because on page 19 of the Cycling Strategy it states:

Give priority to segregated cycle routes and footways over side roads

Yet this junction is not doing that. This means that you have to come to a stop, press the button, wait (probably in the rain) and then cross at the green man. Not what was advertised.

Llantrisant Road

It could be that these plans were drawn up in isolation from the cycling strategy and the planners didn’t get the memo, but this needs to be corrected before building starts.

There is some good news…

The good news is that we do at least have some detail about the cycle infrastructure planned for Llantrisant Road, beyond the purple line on the map we had before. It appears to be a 3.2m cycle lane separated from a 2m wide footway by a grass verge.

This, if we’re reading the plans correctly is in addition to the main primary route running west of Llantrisant Road, following an old railway line from the roundabout at Danescourt Station to Creigiau. (if you look at the satellite view on Google Maps you can follow the line of trees). It runs under the road at Waterhall Road and at Crofft-y-Genau and re-emerges on Heol St Y Nyll.

So, some ups, some questions to ask when the consultation starts in the new year. Just like Santa, we’re making a list & checking it at least once…

One thought on “Goitre Fach Farm – More from Site C of the Local Development Plan…

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  1. Well done on finding the more recent version of the proposed highway plan.
    With regard to the Primary EW route along railway line, if you look closely it is proposed to switch from the Cardiff to Llantrisant line to the Barry line utilising Heol St Y Nyll to get under the M4. I always wondered how we could run a cycle path along the railway line from Creigiau as a section was drowned under the Canada Lodge fishing lake years ago!


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