Get involved in the Vale of Glamorgan's Active Travel Consultation

Whilst we have been a little pre-occupied with Cardiff’s Active Travel Consultation, it’s worth remembering that our neighbouring counties are going through the same process.

Cardiff is actually quite small and quick to traverse by bike, meaning that many of us may start our journeys in the Vale, Caerphilly, Newport or RCT. We need to be sure the key routes link up.

The Vale

The Vale is holding a series of workshops across the county over the next few weeks –follow the link below for details of the nearest one to you.

Come along to one of the workshops and share your thoughts with the team if you have any suggestions for improving active travel routes within the Vale of Glamorgan.

Source: Active Travel

There are a number of ways into Cardiff from the Vale of Glamorgan, including the rather lumpy route across Penarth; the slightly horrific routes through Dinas Powys and Culverhouse Cross; or the excellent lane through St Brides.

It’ll be very interesting to see which routes they identify, but more intriguing yet to see whether or not they correspond to routes Cardiff has in its plans.

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  1. I attended this event. It was tucked away at the back of Penarth Leisure Centre and hard to find. It should have been in the entrance foyer. I went late in the day – 5.30pm – but was only the third person to attend since midday. They were very surprised when I told them I don’t use the provided cycling infrastructure to commute to work in central Cardiff. When I told them it goes entirely the wrong way for me and, anyway, I don’t want to ride on pavements, they were shocked I would want to ride on the road. The only solution, as far as they were concerned, was more shared infrastructure. None of the three VOG CC officials present rode bicycles or had a clue about the issues or solutions. It was all very disappointing.


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