Something to read: Driving…an extinction event –by West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police, the pioneering force behind #opclosepass are excelling themselves right now. Not only are they making waves across the UK with their close pass initiative, they are also producing some fantastic posts on their blog.

Their latest one really is a thing of beauty. It’ll be uncomfortable reading for any petrolheads among you, but heartwarming for anyone who cycles, walks or just despairs at the quality of driving you see on today’s roads.

Yet we have shown as a collective, us drivers and riders of mechanically propelled vehicles, that we are incapable of carrying the burden and shrug continually the social responsibility of being good law-abiding road users. We championed and celebrated all that is good and enjoyable with motor vehicles, the performance, the luxury, everything that made us look beyond the negatives, the current main one being the 5 people who die and 63 who are seriously injured daily on our road network due to the way we pilot them.

Source: Driving…an extinction event | WMP Traffic

They seem to believe that change is in the air. We’re pretty sure they’re right.

Oh, that reminds us. South Wales Police are still being quiet on clamping down on close passes here in Cardiff. Perhaps more encouragement is needed.

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