Guest Post: Helmet cam footage wanted for a BBC feature –by @stevecastle

Calling all helmet cam users! I have a request for you…

When I am not out riding my bike, I work as a TV sound engineer. I was recently contacted by a producer at BBC Wales whom I have worked with on numerous occasions asking if I or any of the other guys I work with (who also ride) had any helmet cam footage that could be used for an upcoming BBC Wales program.

Since none of us usually use a camera on our rides I offered to contact the wider cycling network of Cardiff by hijacking a spot on this very useful blog!

Normally I would be suspicious of this sort of request given the sometimes motor centric viewpoint of some media agencies but I know that the producer is a regular cyclist himself and that the purpose of using the footage is not to demonise any particular transport method.

In fact, the program is an examination of the current situation regarding cycling into places of work in Cardiff and also to any other amenities in the city e.g. local shopping centres, leisure centres etc.

The type of footage being sought should illustrate what many cyclists often experience: tensions with other road users, difficulties negotiating routes, lack of bike parking etc

The program seeks to examine if there is a need and demand for segregated cycle ways like in Northern European countries and what needs to be done generally for cyclists.

Over to you…

So if you do have any clips that could be used to illustrate some of the above points that you would be happy to share that would be great.. The emphasis should be showing some of the problems that perhaps could be improved in Welsh cities in a constructive way, not just sensationalistic close passes! (those are my words!)

If you are able to trim the clips to specific moments on your journey, then great but if not don’t hesitate to send the whole video and perhaps identify the timings of the part you think is interesting, that would help!

Suggestions for submission could either be via YouTube link or using a service like WeTransfer to send the raw video footage to and I’ll pass them all on.

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