HSBC City Ride Cardiff 2017

When we saw the route they had planned for this year’s City Ride Cardiff, we must admit to being a bit cynical.

However, we’re happy to admit that we may have been wrong.

Target audiences

We’ve been doing this “writing about cycling” thing for a couple of years now, but has been difficult to avoid the sea of negativity that you inevitably find yourself in.

Not only do the motoring lobby not like the idea of being told to get out there in the rain for the sake of the environment and their health, but we cycling folk also get frustrated when we spend months, if not years listening to well-mean platitudes that are seldom backed by action, or quality infrastructure.

So yes, when events like this come around it is easy to lose sight of why these events are arranged and who they are meant for. It is clear that it really wasn’t meant for wizened cycle campaigners who would think nothing of cycling 100 miles in a day.

There were loads of families out on their bikes; enjoying the fleeting sunshine; listening to the music trikes (we want one of those…for commuting, of course); meeting Becky James; trying out the pop-up velodrome and getting their bibs and faces customised.

Yes, the course may have been short, but the perfect size for families to go around again and again.

Roll on next year.

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