Something to read: Crime and Punishment redux: that fixie case –via

Whilst we were debating whether to dip our feet into this murky swamp, right now we would probably struggle to do a sufficiently good job of it.

Fortunately, our friend over at RoubaixCycling has done the hard work for us.

And there are a few things to deal with there. The first is driving, does it matter that cyclists generally cycle and drivers drive? No. The crucial aspect here is that the term ‘carriage’ operates (since the case of Taylor v Goodwin 1879) as a term defining any vehicle and including bicycles. That’s the key point.

Source: Crime and Punishment redux : that fixie case –

In other news, if you are in the market for a new pitch fork, they’re probably all sold out. It is frustrating that the media circus has quite clearly forgotten about the disasterous body count that rests at the feet of motorists and has instead gone to town on a young man who hit a pedestrian on his fixie at 18mph and tragically, killed her.

Whilst we don’t want to take anything away from the victim or her family, this “othering” we are seeing, which conveniently overlooks the real scale of the problem (it’s really chickenfeed compared to the deaths at the hands of motorists) and has instead focussed its ire on a group that is considered an “out group”, like people who exercise in general.

It was joggers the press hated last week.

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